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Being a Mum

As I cuddle my youngest who is poorly in the middle of the night , I lay on the sofa , glance at the clock of what seems to be a long night & I see that its Mother Day. I start to think of what its like to be a mum. Ever since I was a little girl I've always wanted my own kids but I never realised how hard it would be to finally become one, years of fertility treatments gave me my precious 3 boys and then by a complete miracle Faith came along naturally. I got my dream which was to be a mum to 4 kids!What I never thought would be part of the plan is being a mum to children with additional needs. Thrown into a completely different world after having two boys with no issues was a bit of a shock. There were times in the early days that I wondered if I was cut out to be "that mum" but you know what? I soon realised that regardless of Roo issues I loved him as fiercely as I loved my older two, yes his life would be harder and more complicated but he had ME - his mum by hi…

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