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Doors to the Mind

I've always watched Roo do something and wondered what is going on in his mind...I would love to be able to just have a glimpse of what his mind is like as with my other children I know what they are like from the every day conversations we have , their imaginative play and through their drawings / writings.
 I often think of Roo's mind as a hallway of different coloured doors...

..each door goes to a certain part of his mind...each door has a name ...some are open, some are ajar, some are firmly closed with no way of opening them...maybe in the future we will be able to open can hope..
The door with 'physical' on it is half open as Roo progressed a lot the past year..he has learned to walk, it has enabled him to gain a bit of independence in the house, to get things himself..he can climb a little, often dangerously and makes one heart stop! He is able to use his hands to feed himself with finger foods, but the reason the door isn't fully open is because he st…