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The Curse of the Santa Hat!!

Roo was a winter baby, born in mid November so I bought a baby Santa hat that goes up to several months old and when he was 3/4wks old I tried it on and it fitted him perfectly albeit a little bit too big so thought it would be perfect for Christmas day in 2 wks time. On Christmas Eve I decided to take a photo of all my boys wearing  Santa hat and I was shocked to find that Roo Santa hat didn't fit properly..I even asked Warren if he accidentally washed it and shrunk it but he said he hadn't, we were both confused and couldn't believe his head would grow that fast. We put it to the back of our minds and had a lovely Christmas with family...later that night as Roo was sleeping on my bed Warren commented that his head looked quite large and I admit I too had thought it but thought I was being to paranoid. We decided that we would ask the HV during his 6wk check...but unfortunately it was delayed till he was 11wks old and it was then that we started our journey as his head m…

Sensory Calender 2014

Another year, another sensory calendar done... I didn't do much as I hoped as its been such a hectic month and with Roo not sleeping his moods have been all over the place so have had to change several plans to make really easy are the photos/videos

Day 11 - Ice 
This was easy as it decided to try and snow today! It was mostly ice and mush not proper snow but thought I would let Roo out in the garden and he loved standing looking around him, touching the ice/snow..he wasn't bothered that it was freezing!!
Day 12 - Christmas party... Today the SN playgroup that Roo went to had their Christmas party..Roo enjoyed playing with the sensory beads, playing the drums before going through to the other room for some music and games before going for some food...Roo who normally stuffs his face wasn't too impressed with the food and was more interested in playing with the Velcro on the chair! Then Santa paid a visit..Roo signed "Santa" and tried to say it too 😀 he …

The worse form of torture!

Yes this is another post about sleep! 
I am seriously one sleep deprived mummy! All I wanted for Christmas was a decent sleep again but Santa failed to deliver so I'm not too impressed with him! In all seriousness this lack of sleep is becoming a joke, I don't understand why he is getting worse despite being medicated. 
When he was in hospital having his pressure reduced in his brain in March he began to sleep through every night, no longer screaming for hours on end, yes he still needed melatonin to get him off to sleep but he was now staying asleep and I started to believe that maybe we had solved his sleep wrong was I...for almost 3mths I got decent sleep, felt like a new woman, became happier and my older boys noticed. But then it was snatched away from me when gradually Roo began sleeping less and less. 
I begged for help from the disability nurse, admitted that I was struggling, that it was unfair on my boys to have a mum who snapped and didn't want to play…