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I'm not invisible, I am his mum

Raising a child with special needs is very challenging for all parents but when you add a parent's disability into the mixture it can complicate things, cause a lot more stress and difficulties. My disability is invisible, you can't see it and you only know if I tell you. I am profoundly deaf and can only communicate through lipreading 100%, the tiny amount of hearing I have with my hearing aid is useless so I depend on my eyes and hands to communicate with the outside world. I was brought up to speak as my parents refused me to learn to sign at first as they were determined I would speak and I'm grateful to them for that as I believe my speech would not be as good as it is today. But as I've gotten older communication become harder as lipreading is my main source and it comes with its challenges as men have beards, moustaches, people have different accents, talk too fast, mumble, stutter, too quiet, don't use their lip muscles etc...all these can stop me from comm…