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Reflecting on the past Year

As 2016 comes to an end, I've been reflecting on the past year. It's had plenty of ups and downs but most of all it has seen some big changes.
Earlier on the year saw our family becoming complete with the arrival of Faith. It took Roo a while to get used to her but once he did the bond between them grew & its been such a privilege to see it develop, to see how much Roo has changed for the better since her arrival. He adores her and loves to try and make her laugh. Every time she cries he comes running to me, taps me on the arm with a worried look on his face, says "Faith" & gets me to follow him. As she gets older, moves more he is becoming a bit wary as I don't think he realises she isn't going to stay like a new born all the time! 
The first 4 weeks passed by blissfully until our world was turned upside down yet again with the news that Faith had a profound hearing loss. I took it quite hard but once the shock wore off and I accepted it we got on with…

Hugs are precious

The simple act of a hug can mean so much regardless of the situation. When you are going through some really difficult times a hug from someone brings comfort, makes you feel that you aren't alone, that you are loved. When you haven't seen someone for a long time you hug to show how much they have been missed, when you get some good news, you hug to show your excitement & happiness.....really hugging is the one thing that fits into everything in your life no matter what the situation. People even hug for no reason other than they enjoy giving them. 
There is something about hugs...research shows that hugging encourages oxytocin to flow round your body making you feel all warm & fuzzy inside. It helps you to connect with others & hugging is also good for your health as it lowers your blood pressure, stabilizes your heartbeat and reduces your stress. 
But what happens if you have a child who struggles with the concept of hugging?  Quite often some disabled children don…