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The Good side of Technology

We always tend to hear/read in the news about how bad technology can be for our children, how it affects their behaviour in a negative way, makes them more lazy etc. I can see this point as my older boys would prefer to play Xbox than to go out on their bikes , they would play all day if they were allowed but I have set rules about it, they are only allowed it for a set amount of hours in a day , I make them have rests in between, some days I don't allow them time on their technology as I insist on family time like going for country walks, playing a board game or something . I think as long as its in moderation , technology isn't that bad for our children. But for some children esp Sen children its a vital part of their lives, it may be their only link to the outside world, it may be the only thing that helps to calm them down, to help them cope with what's going on around them, even helps them to communicate as there are certain apps you can get that enables non verbal ch…