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Similar paths but is it the right decision?

It's strange to be actually following a similar path to your child. My daughter was born with sensineural bilateral hearing loss and so was I.The difference between us is that she was born into a world where technology is much more advanced. As a child I had to wear huge "hearing aids " that were the size of a small box that was worn on my chest and at times felt heavy then behind the ears aids were brought out which I thought was fab. As I've gotten older my profound hearing loss has gradually progressed to the point where no hearing aid , even the most powerful one would give me much benefit. I was offered a cochlear implant but refused as I was unsure if it was the right thing to hearing aids were then brought out a few years ago and they stopped the analogue hearing aids so we were all "forced" to change to this digital aid with thw promise that it would be the best thing ever but instead it left many in the deaf world even more isolated be…